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July 14, 2011


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I love your new office. Do you paint?

Change: Ok, so when I left my husband almost two years ago, after years of angst in not being able to leave, for a variety of reasons, I so feared that change.

My husband is a hoarder. It was all I could do, topped with daily unnerving arguments, to stay on top of just keeping our 'common living area' in a semblance of order. I didn't realize how the stress of our environment was affecting my mental and physical health until I left.

Besides the unrest of a volatile relationship, and that angst that I left, I now feel enveloped in peace that emanates in my new home. It's just me and Buddha!

Here's a small example of what I left; and here's the welcoming entry to my new home:

/Users/jloft/Desktop/photo 4-4.jpg


/Users/jloft/Desktop/photo 3-1.jpg

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