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July 19, 2010


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Barry Manin

Hi Chandra,
In continuing the discussion on listening, imagine that God is hearing the world through your ears, just as he is Seeing through your eyes..... Every time we have thoughts we close off God's connection...
So as we listen, we must hear. My teacher explained, "Get yourself out of God's way and put yourself last.." and Hear and See!

Amazingly,or not so, we were discussing this very topic a few days ago. Since then I have become so aware of those mind thoughts that prevent us from truly hearing what is being said. At the same time I have become aware of so many that are listening to me that do not hear but are rather contemplating their next words and most times don't even wait until I'm finished to make their reply... That too, is a wake up call for me and acts as a reflection of my own behavior, that allows opportunity for more practice.
Thanks so much again for your kindness in sharing...
PS More gratitude for your replies. They are so meaningful and go right to the Heart,where God lives.

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