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January 04, 2010


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Barry Manin

Dear Chandra, Your thoughts are amazing as your life.......
As I read your most recent column pertaining to was my was all about fear and sadness. Just as you said...never finding the right time to express my sadness, so of course, it turned to anger. It vibrated between anger and sadness..Love could not exist there, not for myself or for my spouse...When in sadness I was the victim {Poor me....] When in fear, it manifested as anger... At the time, even though I was a student of Siddha Yoga, read the right books, {Course in Miracles}, meditated and did yoga, I couldn't bring it home..Home was the battleground, work and the streets was my refuge,......Thank you for the clear insights and the knowing that I am not alone..Your most beautiful and heart opening words about the unconditional love between us and our animals brought a downpour of tears...Thank God for Shiva! {My German Shepherd}
Your words break through all the veils we layer ourselves with. Ounce they are removed we are able to who we really are.. to feel who we really are and connect.....
Than you for your generosity of your sharing.

Chandra Alexander

Barry - I am glad my words are helpful and thank you for letting me know. Nothing zaps our power like being in "victim consciousness". Knowing you are always in the right place at the right time is what sets you free. Remember loving relationships are not something you get but something you are, something you practice every day - choices to be loving.
Take a look at these old videos w Baba from 1970 -!/?page=1&sk=messages&tid=1340134462555 and!/?sk=messages&tid=1227535183209

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