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November 16, 2009


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Ari Koinuma

I think the last point deserves a long post on its own! I witnessed first hand what it means to "feel" an unresolved issue. It was literally winding the clock back and allowing yourself to act and feel like a child. It was powerful but hard to watch. One of these days I'll tell that tale....


Geri Greene

I am in a paralyzing situation - nearly homeless - except for the reluctant kindness of a son who has provided me a hotel in which to stay while I figure things out. Soon I will likely turn my car in for keeping it is not a financial option. It is difficult finding work and I'm sure my fears are flavoring verything. Today the thought came to me, "What childhood situation am I getting to look at?" I have good job skills but nothing seems to stand out to employers. It is taking a lot of energy just to show up for interviews where I think I present myself well. My mind talks in circles and of course most of what it says is negative.

I would NEVER have thought I would be in this situation. A part of me says my writing abilities may be useful to speak for the hundreds of thousands of neuveau homeless that the housing industry has created. (My situation did not come from a bad home investment property.)

But beyond that, why would I let myself be so laid low by my own choices and my belief that the Universe will always provide?

Chandra Alexander

I am so sorry this is happening but when it is,there is nothing to do but deal with it the best you can. Instead of focusing on why this happened, it is better to concentrate on what you are going to do, going forward. To get yourself out of this situation, the change will take place incrementally, so do not waver from the work you have laid out for yourself. Keep going and you will create something different in time.

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