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January 21, 2009


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Bruno LoGreco

Feeling is the key to healing, not just for addictions but for many of the emotions people suppress for fear of judgment.

Lloyd Davis

You can not cure or change an alcoholic or drug addiction by doing all this self help business. It sounds good but is futile.

A real drug addict or alcoholic will try to clean up, want deperately to clean up and it is when their will fails to do that and they relapse that thy're able to get into an AA or NA 12 step program. That is only the beginning of a long process filled with some slips. But it starts with the reality that their will can not do it. They are powerless over alcoholism or drug addiction.


I fundamentally disagree, Lloyd. What about all the people who've fought long, hard battles to break their addictions? They're living proof.

It's tough, but if it was created by acting on cravings, it can be undone by not acting on cravings.

And I think that the reason Chandra says "you must feel!" is because feeling is the perfect balance between suppressing or acting on cravings- both of which are unhealthy and create division, create suffering. Feeling strengthens the nervous system. It's the only way.


They don't fight any longer. They give up the battle. They give up their will which is where their disease resides to a higher power. Feel it? Addicted people feel too much. They are overwhelmed with guilt and shame. They feel it all.
Read the 12 steps. You have no idea what you're talking about. It's self-help babble. I deal with people who's families have suffered because of addictions. Some of their love ones have died from overdoses and suicide or keep bouncing out of rehabs.
The alcoholic/addict will try everything -manipulation,lieing,stealing,denial to stay active until they hit their bottom. Detox and Rehab. And AA which is a life time program. Addiction is never cured. It is a chronic disese whose goal is to kill the addict/alcoholic or drive them crazy. You can't cure it. Recovery is a process not a destination. Many will relapse but will get back in the program. One buck in a basket. Get real. You could harm someone with this -fight the good fight, just don't do it. It's pointless. It is when the alcoholic/addict realizes they can't do it. That they can begin their recovery. Start the work to be done. Their will is bankrupt. Alcoholics/Addicts become active in a spiritual program - AA which fills them with what they need. And until then they will try to work their own program which is what their disese likes them to do and refuse treatment and continue their addiction.

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