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October 15, 2008


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Lorraine Cohen

Many thanks for the inclusion Chandra

Congratulations in the 1st edition!


Kim Wiederholt


Thank you for featuring cafeGAB and “7 Red Flags…” in your 1st edition Avenue of Authenticity. You compiled such a terrific collection of insightful blogs and I truly appreciate being included in such company. I look forward to many more Avenue of Authenticity blog carnivals to come!

-Kim Wiederholt

Maia Berens

Thanks for all these tips and links to valuable information about healthy relationships.

Chandra Alexander, MSW

To Lorraine, Kim and Maia - Thanks for the supportive comments and your participation in the carnival. Looking forward to a second edition and hope to hear from you again.


I have been reading your blog, since I ran across it at another site, liked it there, and subscribed to your blog. So much of what I have been reading resonates with me, so I enjoy reading them, and your sound advice that comes with your posts too. Thanks.

Chandra Alexander, MSW

Hi Jenni - Thanks for checking-in and for the comment. I am glad there is a resonance...since we are all in this together. Sending my best, Chandra


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Chandra Alexander

Thank you for your comment. Wishing you the best, Chandra

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