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November 05, 2007


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Matthew Spears

Therapy works best when the therapist is learning as much as the client. Any time that there's a fixed role that's static, saying "you have the problems and I'm the one to help you" it entrenches these thoughts, much like you say. Unfortunately the entire subject at universities has this thought pattern somewhat entrenched in a subtle way, so it is not that common to find someone who doesn't have this going on. It is out there, however!


Hi Matthew: Thanks for taking the time to comment. You are correct in what you say - We are all in this together and the journey is endless. Surrendering to "what is" allows us to sit squarely in the moment in connect heart to heart. It is this openness that gives "juiceiness" to life.
I also took a look at your website and really enjoyed what you have to say. I loved the "quote rotator" but it went too fast for even a fast reader like I am. I would love for you to slow it down so I can read Rumi and Ramakrishna in full. I wish you the very best, Chandra

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