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August 13, 2007


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HOW do we change??


How do you change? First of all, you really have to want to and then, you have to be willing to do the work that's required for the change.

In order to change we need to change from the inside out (gaining insight) and from the outside in (applying discipline). BOTH insight and discipline are necessary when you want to go from a place that doesn't work to a place that does.

Discipline means not going for immediate gratification of your needs but doing something you know is in your best interest even though it does not feel natural and takes work. Going in a new direction always feels uncomfortable initially and if you are not willing to bear that anxiety, you will never be able to change.

Gaining insight means "seeing" to the core of your being what needs to be done, and taking full responsibility for creating the life you want.

And finally, you need to quiet the mind - this is a discipline. Learn to meditate and sit every day (10 minutes morning and night is more than enough) no matter how you feel. As the mind begins to slow down, the heart will open, and you will experience a lightness of being. Remember, all changes rest on a foundation of a strong steady mind.


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